“You’re Just A Loser Or A Jackass” – Charles Barkley Calls Out NFL Fans Who Say Taylor Swift Is Ruining Football

Charles Barkley

Tell us how you really feel Chuck.

Charles Barkely has no problem saying what’s on his mind. That’s probably why he’s been trusted to host so many different shows, from Inside the NBA on TNT to King Charles on CNN.

The “Round Mound of Rebound” is effortlessly entertaining, even when he’s delivering serious points to the viewers of his various shows. Barkley’s charisma and no-filter mentality carried him earlier today on his CNN show with Gayle King when the topic of Taylor Swift and the NFL came up.

That’s been the big topic of debate in recent weeks as the Kansas City Chiefs marched their way to the Super Bowl and Travis Kelce and Swift’s relationship continued to be looked at through a magnifying glass.

All of the “Swifties” love the excessive amount of coverage dedicated to the pop star, but more traditional football fans (men) haven’t been as excited about Swift infiltrating the NFL broadcast.

Why are grown men upset that the camera sometimes cuts away to a girlfriend of someone on the Kansas City Chiefs? That’s a good question, and one that Charles Barkley had no patience to entertain when it was his turn to speak on the matter.

In fact, he looked right into a camera in order to say the following:

“If you’re screaming at Taylor Swift saying she ruined (football), you’re just a loser. You’re just a loser or a jackass. You can be ‘a’ or ‘b,’ one of the two.”

That’s one way to handle the topic, and really the only way I could have imagined Charles Barkley tackling it.

Right after Chuck’s comments on Taylor Swift and the NFL, the legendary Bob Costas jumped in to give his two cents about the pop star’s impact on football this year and the visceral reaction that some have had to it:

“When it comes to the Super Bowl, where a lot of people who don’t watch football all year long double the audience even of the conference championships, part of that is the halftime entertainment. A huge part of it is the commercials.

So for people to all of the sudden…because they don’t like something about Taylor Swift, either they don’t like the Chiefs, or they’ve inferred that Taylor Swift might not be a ‘Trump-er,’ then they are annoyed by Taylor Swift. I can guarantee you that all this news on Fox News would not be happening if she was wearing a M.A.G.A. hat.”

Those comments from Bob Costas stem from recent stories that have aired on Fox News that have attacked Swift for excessive C02 emissions from flying all around the world. It also pairs up with the rumblings that Swift would endorse Joe Biden for the 2024 election instead of Trump, just like she did in the presidential election of 2020.

You can hear more about the conversation that was taking place on King Charles at the link below. And just to clear the air, the best part about the video is when Charles calls people a loser and a jackass:

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