“You’re Ruining Football” – Ravens Fans Taunt Taylor Swift At AFC Championship Game

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift
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The kiss seen around the world.

It’s a bright Monday for Chiefs and Swifties as the team secured their spot in the Super Bowl, and the pop star seems head over heels in love with the team’s star tight end.

Taylor Swift made quite the scene after she planned a kiss on Travis Kelce at the end of the game, seen whispering “I love you” on the TV screen.

And emotions were high from the Baltimore Ravens fan base as they were distraught to have lost the game. But while many folks have their mood dependent upon how their NFL team performs (cough cough, Cowboys fans, that’s a look right in your direction), even before the game it seems that Ravens fans had strong feelings on Taylor Swift’s presence at MT Bank Stadium.

Of course there are plenty of football fans who are sick of hearing about the pop star during football games. And as Miss Swift and her man’s family entered the stadium ahead of the game, a few Ravens fans waiting in the tunnel had some choice words for the singer.

“Hey Taylor, you’re ruining football!” 

Swift responds with class, noting that:

“I didn’t do anything.” 

As she rounds the corner, she says, “Love y’all,” to other fans and those cheering as she passes by. Swift noted earlier in the season that she didn’t care if she pissed off the “Dads, Brads and Chads” with NFL choosing to highlight her at the games. It’s not like she’s talking to the camera crew about what angles she wants to be seen at.

At the end of the day, yes, it is new to football to have a megastar like Swift attend the games. But, in contrast, it is also putting a whole new set of eyes on the sport and creating new fans.

We are witnessing a cultural phenomenon through Kelce and Swift getting together.

Of course, with videos like this on Twitter (now X), folks sounded off in the comment section. Buckle up for some prime commentary.

“No, Baltimore. That would be your QB.”

“Coming from a GROWN WOMAN?”

“Jealous much?”

“50+ players on the field and they blame one woman in the stands…”

“And I bet you 5 bucks they go to her tour, lmao.”

“The way they blame a woman over the men who can’t play…”

“People seriously let 24 seconds of the network showing Swift ruin their day, and it’s hilarious.”

“Y’all should be redirecting that at Jackson Mahomes.”

“Women supporting women…. Oh, wait! Keep it classy, Baltimore!”

“Poor sports! She’s allowed to attend the games to support her man!”

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