Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd Finalize Divorce, She Agrees To Pay $2,100 Per Month In Child Support

Maren Morris Ryan Hurd
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

It’s officially official.

Last fall, Maren Morris filed for divorce from her husband, fellow singer and songwriter Ryan Hurd. The split came shortly after Hurd took to social media to defend his wife amid criticism she was receiving after announcing that she would be leaving country music (which she’s since walked back and claimed she never said).

In a proposed agreement filed with the court last month, Morris and Hurd agreed to split all property pursuant to a property settlement agreement, as well as a prenup that was signed in February 2018 when the couple married and amended in October 2022.

The agreement would divide parenting time evenly for their 3 year old son, Hayes Andrew. And Maren would also pay Ryan Hurd $2,100 per month in child support.

And this week, a judge approved the agreement and finalized the divorce between the two artists.

According to the parenting plan filed with the court, Maren has a gross monthly income of $210,000 per month, while Hurd’s monthly income is just under $42,000 per month, which is the reason she was ordered to pay child support to Hurd despite the two sharing equal parenting time.

Maren recently discussed her split from Hurd during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, saying that she wanted to get the divorce finalized before she started dating again:

“I would like this to sort of wrap up. I don’t have the headspace for that yet. But I’m writing so much right now. That’s kind of been my way of dating, is just through song.”

In filing for divorce, Maren cited “irreconcilable differences” as reason for split. But a report from Life & Style Magazine cited an inside source in reporting that problems may have arisen between the two after Maren’s public statements began impacting her husband’s songwriting career:

“All he wanted to do was write music, but some of the people Ryan writes with are people Maren has made mad, and it caused a huge problem between them.”

Either way, sounds like they’re now free to go their separate ways and move on with their lives.

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