Zach Bryan Says “Nine Ball” Music Video Starring Matthew McConaughey Is “Coming Soon”

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Zach Bryan

So this is what Zach Bryan and Matthew McConaughey were cookin’ up…

Zach previously shared a post on Instagram teasing some sort of collaboration with the famous Texas actor, and while we weren’t sure exactly which song it would be for, it was pretty clear that they were filming a music video:

And now, we know that they were working on the music video for Zach’s “Nine Ball,” which was featured on his 2023 Boys of Faith EP.

Written by Zach and produced by Eddie Spear, the song tells the story of a young boy who’s father likes to gamble and his desire to have a normal father-son relationship that is much more conventional.

Zach shared a graphic on Instagram that looks like a movie poster with McConaughey, which features part of the “Nine Ball” lyrics that read:

“My father was a betting man.”

In the caption, Zach says the video is “coming soon,” in addition to thanking al of the crew who helped on set and brought the video to life:

“Coming soon and written with care. Thank you to every single cameraman and set-hand that shared the weight, you’re all incredible.”

Obviously, McConaughey is an Oscar-winning, very well accomplished actor, so it’s going to be really fun to see what this video is and how they turned the song into a music video.

Tye Sheridan and Scott Shepard are also featured actors:

Stay tuned…

“Nine Ball”

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