Matthew McConaughey Was (Illegally) Hyping Up Texas Players On The Bench At The Sugar Bowl

Matthew McConaughey Texas Sugar Bowl

Coach McConaughey.

Last night’s Sugar Bowl was an instant classic, with the matchup between the Texas Longhorns and the Washington Huskies coming down to the last play of the game after it looked like Washington had the victory secured late in the fourth quarter.

Ultimately the Huskies came out on top and punched their ticket to their first ever national championship game, sending the Longhorns back to Austin disappointed.

And nobody was more into the game than Texas’ most famous fan, Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey is a fixture on the Longhorns sideline, so of course he was in New Orleans to cheer on his team as they fought for a spot in the College Football Playoffs championship game.

But McConaughey wasn’t in the stands like some normal fan: He was right there on the sidelines hyping up the team.

No, literally. He was talking to the team like he was a coach or something.

ESPN announcer Kenny Mayne even pointed out that McConaughey was inside the player’s box on the sideline – somewhere he’s not supposed to be:

But that didn’t stop McConaughey, who was nervously pacing the sideline during the final drive:

At one point ESPN2 even had a “McConaughey cam” focused on the actor on the sideline:

And people were a little confused at how he was able to just walk up and talk to the players during the game. But hey, he’s Matthew McConaughey.

Of course McConaughey isn’t just an ordinary fan. The team named him their “Minister of Culture,” a position which he clearly takes pretty seriously.

And hey, it worked out pretty well for the Big 12 champs, who finished the season 12-1 with their only loss coming to rival Oklahoma.

Unfortunately the McConaughey Magic ran out in the Caesars Superdome last night, but it wasn’t due to a lack of effort from the team’s biggest fan:

And after the game, McConaughey was obviously disappointed – but still managed to remain his usual positive, uplifting self:

Just put him on staff next year. He’s going to do whatever he wants anyway, might as well let him cook.

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