Megan Moroney Perfectly Captures The Real Meaning Of “Bless Your Heart” In Sassy Unreleased New Song

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Jeff Johnson

This is a HIT.

Megan Moroney recently teased a new song called “Bless Your Heart,” which was captured by a fan on TikTok, that I’m already obsessed with.

Quickly, if you’re not from the South, you might be unfamiliar with the phrase “bless your heart,” or at the very least, don’t know just how many different ways it can be used.

I don’t want to reveal too many of our secrets and take away the sanctity of the phrase, but let’s just say, it isn’t always a nice thing if someone says that to you. But on the flip side, “bless your heart” can be used very sincerely and genuinely to show sympathy for someone.

That’s the magic of the phrase, but I’ve already said too much…

The lyrics in Meg’s new tune are hilariously cutting and sassy, where she runs through a list of insults, seemingly coming from another woman, that she’s clearly heard a time or two that are meant to bring her down.

What the other person doesn’t realize, though, is that Meg actually pities them for how mean they are and isn’t bothered by what they think:

“My dress is short, my hair’s too high,
I can’t seem to keep a guy,
And what’s with all that makeup,
All she sings about is breakups,

Bless your heart,
Must be hard bein’ as mean as you are,
Shooting daggers, throwing stones,
From a self-appointed throne,
I’m good with words, could make you hurt,
But I won’t twist the knife,
I’m just glad I’m everything you aren’t,
Bless your heart”

Inject it into my veins…

The song is definitely reminiscent of early Kacey Musgraves or Miranda Lambert in terms of the writing and subject matter, which I LOVE, and it might be my new favorite Megan Moroney song (even though it hasn’t been released yet).

“Bless Your Heart” also reminds me a little bit of Meg’s single “I’m Not Pretty” in the best way, and I can’t wait to hear the full version (hopefully) sooner rather than later.

Check it out:

@lindsey_keller Bless Your Heart – Megan Moroney (unreleased) 🍀🤍❄️ @Megan Moroney #meganmoroney #countrymusic #unreleasedmusic #oregon #portland #foryoupage #blessyourheart ♬ original sound – linds 💌

Meg previously said that she’s almost done writing her second album, and released “No Caller ID” a couple weeks ago, which is quickly becoming a fan-favorite and will likely make the tracklist for MM2:

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