Hawk Snatches Up Squirrel & Flies Smack Dab Into The Side Of A Building

Hawk flies into car dealer

This wasn’t the hawk species’ proudest moment.

Before things went wrong, the hawk in this video was probably feeling really great about itself. The large bird had managed to capture and kill a squirrel, which is usually considered very hard prey to catch (because of their shiftiness and speed).

Somehow the hawk got the best of the fast-running squirrel, and had taken a break on top of a vehicle in a parking lot to think about where it wanted to take its freshly caught meal to chow down on it.

Hawks are commonly viewed as very majestic creatures that are incredibly coordinated. They pair their exceptional eyesight with their diving speed and sharp talons to strike fear in a number of small mammals out in the wild.

And this sizable bird had done everything right with its squirrel hunt, that is until the transportation of the dead rodent went horribly wrong. Like all disasters, everything seemed to happen so fast.

The hawk takes off into the air with the squirrel in tow, and for a few seconds, it’s a beautiful moment in nature (even though it took place in a parking lot). However, things went south incredibly quickly, because one of two things happened:

-The hawk mistook the white wall for open sky

-The squirrel was too heavy for the hawk to carry through the air

If the hawk would have flown into a glass window, I would have given it the benefit of doubt (I know birds and windows don’t get along). But the flying creature just flew smack dab into the side of the building, and it never appeared to try to “pull up” and fly over the wall.

The thud that the hawk hits the wall of the local Chevy dealer with is deafening and garners a hilarious reaction from those who were filming it all from a distance. They posted the video with the caption:

“I think this hawk might need some glasses.”

Yeah, that hawk could probably use some glasses, but more importantly, it needs a doctor to check it for a concussion.

That bird hit the wall HARD, and looked like it would dazed for a good while, at the very least.

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