“I Hope Not” – Patrick Mahomes Sr. On Whether He’ll Be Sitting With Taylor Swift, Jason Kelce & Brittany Mahomes During AFC Championship

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If you’ve tuned into a Kansas City Chiefs game this year, then you many people are annoyed that the cameras seem to be more focused on where Taylor Swift is sitting, rather than the actual play on the field.

Ever since it was revealed that Swift and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce were dating, the amount of attention Swift has been getting during every game has been borderline nauseating.

I mean c’mon, don’t allow pop culture to get in the way of my football game.

I think I speak for the general population of NFL fans when I say the Taylor Swift attention is getting old, and it’s been that way since after the first game she went to.

And now that Travis Kelce’s brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, is done with football since the Eagles got eliminated from the playoffs in the Wild Card round, he’s become a spectacle at Chiefs playoff games now too, as he’s there in support of his brother.

Of course, Jason made for some high quality television last Sunday when the Chiefs took on the Bills, as he was seen jumping into the crowd shirtless and chugging beers with fans.

But speaking of Swift and Jason Kelce, there’s one father of a Chiefs player who doesn’t want any part of sitting next to them for the Chiefs’ next playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens…

And it’s Patrick Mahomes’ father, Patrick Mahomes Sr.

Ol’ Sr. did an interview with WFAN Radio, where he clarified that he actually wasn’t in the suite with Jason, Taylor and the crew last week, despite many people thinking he was the one who was delivering a message to Jason Kelce from his wife Kylie:

And then was asked if he was watching the AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens in a private suite alongside Swift, Jason Kelce, and Patrick Jr.’s wife, Brittany Mahomes.

That’s when he bluntly responded:

“I hope not.”

Good for Mr. Mahomes. He just wants to watch his son without 47 million cameras pointed at him the entire game.

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