Shirtless Jason Kelce Jumps Into Stands And Chugs Beer With Fans During Bills vs. Chiefs Matchup

Jason Kelce Kansas City Chiefs

I think it’s safe to say that Jason Kelce is enjoying this Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game.

Of course, now that the Philadelphia Eagles are eliminated from the playoffs, Kelce has every reason to have himself the time of his life while in support of his brother (and boyfriend of Taylor Swift), Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Earlier today, the former Eagles center was seen bundled up in the thick of a Bills Mafia tailgate where he took a shot out of a bowling ball to get the night started.

Did I know taking shots from a bowling ball was a thing? No. But is absolutely electric and a great idea? 100%.

And if you thought the antics were ending there, think again.

During the game, Kelce was caught on video shirtless, jumping from his booth at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, and into the crowd.

He then proceeded take a beer and start chugging like there was no tomorrow, and turned to the crowd and got them fired up as everybody screamed and yelled.

Kelce then casually jumped back into his booth as if nothing happened.

If ol’ Jason wasn’t already a certified man of the people, this video right here proves it.

You also have to respect the man for going shirtless in 25 degree weather, that takes some guts.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock