Jason Kelce, Eagles Center & Certified Man Of The People, Takes Shot Out Of Bowling Ball At Bills Mafia Tailgate

Jason Kelce Bills Mafia
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Brother supporting brother…and getting in on some of the ELECTRIC energy of the Bills fans.

Although he is in enemy territory, it’s hard to deny that the Buffalo Bills have some of the most wild fans in the NFL. But I mean you have to be a little wild to put up with sitting in freezing temperatures for games… or drunk enough to not feel your freezing cold limbs.

The Bills take on the Kansas City Chiefs tonight in a heavyweight AFC matchup, and the clips from the tailgates are prime viewing, but this one takes the cake.

As Jason Kelce’s team was no longer in the playoffs, he made his way to Buffalo, New York, to support his little brother Travis, who would take the field. And rather than chilling in the comforts of a suite with Taylor Swift, Jason is out in the cold drinking with the fans.

We’ve heard of a “shoey,” but have you heard of a “bowling valley”… neither have we. But I think this moment just invented the next best way to take shots.

While moseying around tailgates, Jason Kelce stopped to say hi to some Bills fans, and the tailgate hosts insisted that Kelce take a shot…out of a bowling ball. First time for everything, right?

Kelce was up for the challenge, taking the large ball and shooting back whatever liquor filled the finger holes of the ball. After he takes the shot, he drops the ball on the ground and cheers with the folks at the tailgate.

Although he might be in a sea of blue, you can see the Chief’s red peeking through his jacket.

Truly a man of the people. Epic way to kick off this game.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock