Bills Fans Are “Sacrificing Themselves” To Win Games By Throwing Themselves Into Pit Where New Stadium Is Being Built…And It’s Working?

Buffalo Bills fans
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When it comes to NFL football, no one does it like Buffalo Bills fans.

Obviously, I mean that as a compliment, though I do think it might be good for some scientists to attend a Bills tailgate and try to get to the bottom of things.

What are the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of jumping from great heights into folding tables and covering each other with ketchup and mustard? The world needs some answers…

We also need some answers as to why the Bills Mafia is practicing “pit sacrifices,” and more importantly, why those sacrifices seem to be working. I know that all sounds CRAZY, so let me try and clear things up as much as I can.

Simply put, Bills fans are “feeding the pit.” There’s really no rhyme or reason to it, other than the fact that Buffalo is very superstitious, and feeding the pit has seemingly fueled a six-game winning streak.

I’m assuming you now have the questions of “how did this start” and “what is the pit,” and I promise you, I’m getting to it as fast as I can.

First off, the pit is located at the site of the Bills new stadium that is being constructed.

Though the Buffalo Bills play in a very cold part of the country (upstate New York), they are choosing to build a new stadium without a roof, but that’s beside the point…

Back on December 10th, when the Bills took on the Kansas City Chiefs, a Buffalo fan somehow fell into the pit where the new stadium’s construction awaits. The Bills desperately needed to win that game against Mahomes and the Chiefs, and they somehow managed to pull through and win by a field goal.

The next five games after that, which were all virtually playoff games for the Bills (one actually was), a similar pattern played out. A member of the Bills Mafia fell into the pit (this time purposefully), and then the Buffalo Bills won their game. See what we’re dealing with here? Fall into the pit, win the game, it’s just that simple…

Conspiracy theories about the “pit sacrifices” have been running rampant all over social media, and especially TikTok (which at this point could also be called “ConspiracyTok”). Here’s a video below that explains the winning streak, and what Bills fans have been willing to do to keep it going:

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This is all really wild stuff, but like the great philosophical mind of Michael Scott once said, “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” If it’s working, I’d say keep doing it. Imagine the Bills go on an unprecedented winning streak and win the Super Bowl, and all it took was a little human sacrifice?

Oh, and just to be clear…the fans are getting out of the pit after they fall into it.

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