People That Hike In The Florida Everglades Must Be Certifiably Insane

Everglades alligator

The stress of life, at least some of it, can often be relieved by going out into nature and taking a walk.

Unless you live in Florida, and you choose to take a hike through the alligator-infested Florida Everglades. For some, that sounds like a terrifying dance with death. For others, like this couple in the video below, they love to walk through the marsh and count the gators as they pass them.

Is that the smartest thing to do? Probably not. Are these people certifiably insane? Maybe one or both of them has a death wish? Tough to really tell from such a short video, but I’ll go ahead and lock in “yes” as my answer. Anyone who willingly decides to walk among the dinosaurs (so to speak) can’t be upset when Jurassic Park eventually happens.

I have to remind myself that these are Floridians I’m talking about here. They probably high five an alligator in their driveway before they head out to work in the morning. Florida men and women are so acclimated to seeing gators in their everyday life to the point where they are welcoming these prehistoric reptiles into their daily exercise routines.

Just watch as this Florida couple saunters through the Everglades without a care in the world as they are literally having to step over and circumnavigate around alligators laying across the path:

Do you have to submit a living will before you can walk on those paths? It seems like it would be that dangerous… but maybe I don’t know what I’m saying. After all, the couple seemed to have a great time on their hike. At the very least, walking through there really gets your heart rate up.

Thankfully, I was vindicated when I looked in the comment section of this post. Everyone else on social media is with me on this one, sending out messages of concern and “oh hell no” directed towards the couple that nonchalantly strolled through the Florida Everglades:

“Just takes that one random Gator that acts differently.”

“I can barely walk past a group of geese.”

“Hiking in Jurassic Park casually.”

“All fun and games until these gators remind you how fast they can move.”

“People from Florida and Australia are God’s strongest.”

“Never-glades, I’m not doing that.”

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