Buffalo Bills Fans Have Been Shoveling Overnight & Highmark Stadium Is Still Covered In Snow

Highmark Stadium Buffalo

Something about the snow in Buffalo.

The Buffalo Bills were originally set to host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs at 1 pm yesterday, but there was a slight problem… Highmark Stadium was basically unrecognizable due to the absurd amounts of snow.

Quarterback couldn’t even see the coverage across the line of scrimmage:

In fact, conditions were so bad in Buffalo yesterday that there was a travel ban to ensure the safety of anybody was initially going to the game.

But, in an effort to make sure that the Bills were able to play at Highmark, several of the fine folks apart of Bills Mafia got together and joined the effort of shoveling snow inside the stadium, so the game would be able to be played today. Buffalo called on fans to help clear the stadium of snow, for $2o an hour might I add, and they’ve been working tirelessly to get the stadium ready for game day.

Well, working AND playing tirelessly…

Just take this shirtless psycho of a Bills fan who was seen going wild while helping the snow effort at Highmark yesterday.


However, as much as the Bills’ faithful tried to help the situation, you can’t control mother nature, and this has ultimately led to another issue…

Highmark is basically still buried in snow. Luckily the field has been cleared off, and it looks like it’s almost ready for play. The only issue is that there’s still so much snow inside the stadium, where are the fans gonna sit?

Needless to say, it’s gonna take all hands on deck to get Highmark ready for fans in the next five hours.

Just see for yourself:

Parking lot looks better, but you can obviously get trucks and plows in there:

Better get to shoveling, people.

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A beer bottle on a dock