Madonna Is Being Sued For Starting Her Concerts Late, Further Proving That Concerts Should Start When They Say They Are Supposed To

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Shoutout to these guys for finally taking a stand again late concert start times.

Everyone loves to go see their favorite artists play live in concert, but I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say that not everyone loves to stay up way past their bed time to attend shows.

Concert says it’s going to start at 7? Yeah, the main act isn’t coming on until 9:30. Show says doors open at 7? Feel free to get there then, so you can drink $20 beers and sit around for three hours waiting for the artist you’re actually there to see.

It really is ridiculous, and it’s that kind of stuff that led two residents of New York to file a class action lawsuit against world renowned artist Madonna. The lawsuit states that Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden are suing Madonna (as well as Live Nation) for “unconscionable, unfair, and/or deceptive trade practices.”

And to that I simply say “HELL YEAH.” These men are saying it’s false advertising to say the show is going to start at 8:30 p.m. when Madonna’s actual start time was at 10:30 p.m. They also noted that the show let out after 1:00 a.m, which made transportation after the concert less available and/or more expensive.

If Madonna was somehow found responsible and the lawsuit ended in favor of the plaintiffs (the men who brought the case to Madonna), we would be entering into some very murky waters.

Why? Because one could argue that every artist that has ever played a concert could be somewhat guilty of this exact same thing. However, all of this could create a more favorable live music experience for concert goers.

I’d like to think that other artists would see Madonna paying out however many millions of dollars to these guys if they win and say “well I don’t want to do that.” That could mean that concerts would start closer to when they say they are supposed to, which if we’re being honest, should be happening in the first place.

I’m speaking for all concert goers when I say please, for the love that is good and holy, just tell us when you (the artist we are paying hundreds of dollars to see) are going to walk out onto the stage and play music.

We’re not saying to not have opening acts. Just if you do, say when the openers will be playing, and then say when you will be playing, and then stick to it.

In my younger days, I wouldn’t have minded concerts getting out past 12 o’clock at night (or in the morning I guess). Now, I’ve got to work the next day, get my beauty sleep, and do all the other things that this little dance called life requires of me.

So with that being said, let’s set a time for the concert and stick to it, shall we? Who’s with me? If you don’t, you could end up dealing with the headache of a lawsuit like Madonna.

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