15 Fans Sent To Hospital With Frostbite And Hypothermia At Frigid Dolphins-Chiefs Playoff Game

Arrowhead Stadium fans
Kara Durrette/Getty Images

If you tuned into Dolphins-Chiefs and saw a shirtless man in the crowd of the 4th coldest game in NFL history, there’s a good chance you said “no way that’s safe,” and there’s a good chance he was one of the 15 people later hospitalized.

While another Super Wild Card game this past weekend in Buffalo got postponed because of weather, Saturday’s playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri went on as originally scheduled.

The Miami Dolphins traveled to play the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Chiefs came away victorious in the coldest game of Kansas City’s history.

Wind chill temperatures during the game dropped as low as -30 degrees, and though Arrowhead Stadium wasn’t sold out for the playoff game, there were still plenty of crazed football fans in attendance.

Those attending were warned and advised to dress properly for the weather, but when it gets to extreme temperatures like it did in Kansas City, there’s sometimes not much you can do.

That’s why the Kansas City Fire Department reported more than 70 calls to first responders about hypothermia and frostbite symptoms.

Of all of those calls, 15 people were apparently in such bad condition that they were transported to the hospital for their safety. According to reporting from FOX4 in Kansas City, three of those people had frostbite, and seven were treated for hypothermia.

Now like I alluded to earlier, I would LOVE to know how many of those people taken to the hospital were the types of people that said “oh I can handle the cold” and popped their shirts off to yell bare-chested into a camera so they could get on TV.

Fans could get into the Arrowhead playoff game for pretty cheap with the frigid weather and temperatures causing lower ticket prices, but it appears that some of them had to “pay twice” for the game.

Once to get in, and another time for their hospital bill because they attended the game.

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