Fishermen Chased Away From Salmon Spot By Hungry Brown Bears In Alaska

Alaskan Brown bears chase fishermen
Viral Hog

For as breathtakingly beautiful as Alaska can be, there’s always some form of danger lurking around the corner. There’s no shortage of creatures that can be dangerous to us measly humans, there’s one that reigns king over all:

The Alaskan brown bear.

A group of fisherman were treated to an incredible, albeit terrifying, encounter back in September of 2021 while salmon fishing on Crescent Lake near Kanai. They were having quite the successful day on the water, reeling in fish after fish, but they weren’t the only ones that took note of the great location. In the video, we can see four big ole bears coming literally running after them, forcing them to flee to the boat and out of there as fast as possible.

But, as it tends to happen, it wasn’t the best time for potential disaster to come sprinting in, as one of the people was off in the trees using the bathroom…

“Salmon fishing with the bears in Alaska. My husband and I did a fly-out from Kenai to Crescent Lake which is near Kenai, Alaska. We were catching fish after fish and the flopping sound is like dinner bells to the bears. The family of bears then started coming after us.

We started loading up but the issue is… one of our companions was using the restroom so it was either we leave her behind on the island or we wait for her and risk getting eaten by the bears.

We waited for her and had to lift her and her loving husband up to the boat as one of the bears was relentless in chasing us and was only an arm’s length from our guide’s back as he was pushing the small tin boat off the island.”

My goodness, can you imagine?

One second you’re popping a squat behind a rock and the next you’re jumping into a boat while a hungry bear is snapping at your heels…

Alaska, man.

Beautifully terrifying.

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