Bald Eagle Somehow Flies Away After Being Rescued From Grill Of Truck

bald eagle stuck in truck grill
YouTube/The Pet Collective

You’ve probably heard of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, but what about being stuck between the grill of a truck and rescuers prodding you with a leash pole?

I know that’s pretty specific, and I’ll concede that things would have to go rather awry for a human to experience that second option. However, it did come into play for this poor bald eagle, which must have been having the worst day of its life.

In the video, a group of rescuers (if you can call them that) were doing their best to get our nation’s bird out from between a truck’s grill. It isn’t clear how it got there, but one could assume that it was flying rather low, and probably “zigged” when it should have “zagged.”

That led the bald eagle to get lodged in the front portion of the truck, and the rescue effort to ensue. Trained professionals (?) worked tirelessly to get the endangered bird out from the truck’s grill, though the bird wasn’t doing them any favors.

It was naturally acting defensive after it got hit by a car, and was then surrounded by a bunch of people poking and pulling at it. Those trying to help the bird also had to avoid the eagle’s excessive beak pecking, which eventually subsided as the iconic creature tired itself out.

The rescuers were finally able to get the bald eagle out from the grill of the truck, and though it looked like it was still flustered (and possibly injured), they let it off the leash rope. The flight wasn’t all that promising, but it was still remarkable to see the bald eagle get back up into the air after all that it went through.

Take a look:

That’s one tough eagle…maybe that’s why its America’s national bird?

Those that watched the video were thankful that the bald eagle was able to get some help, though a lot of people thought that it could have used some more assistance:

“That bird needed a check up for sure. Could have broken bones or internal bleeding.”

“They definitely should have brought this bird to the vet and treated it until it was strong enough to fly.”

“Looks like he was favoring his right leg. They should’ve taken him to be checked out before releasing him.”

“They have no idea if one of it’s wings was broken. But thank you for rescuing him.”

“That Eagle should have called the Geico Gecko for compensation!”

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