A Reported $150 Million Contract Offer Should Not Stop Jim Harbaugh From Bolting Michigan For The NFL

Jim Harbaugh
Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh should 100% return to the NFL. Whether he does or not depends how much the sentimental pull of his alma mater persuades him to stay. He could also build a sort of dynasty at Michigan if he sticks it out, grinds through the crazy landscape of the NIL and transfer portal, and continues to gather top-tier talent to compete for national championships.

Also, money could play a role if Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has anything to say about it. Don’t worry, our beloved Mike McDaniel’s status as Dolphins head coach isn’t in danger to my knowledge. Ross happens to be a Michigan Man who wants Harbaugh to stay with the Wolverines for the rest of his coaching career, per Sportskeeda insider Tony Pauline:

“I’m told Ross is in an all-out blitz to keep Harbaugh in Ann Arbor. Sources tell me the offer Ross has made to Harbaugh is rumored to be in the area of $150 million over 10 years, or $15 million annually. […]

There is some conspiracy that the desire of Ross to keep Harbaugh as coach of Michigan has as much to do with his desire to keep him out of the NFL. Not so, according to my source from yesterday, who told me, ‘Ross loves his college team more than he loves his NFL team.'”

A nine-figure contract is tough to turn down no matter where it is. But like…Harbaugh can easily make that in the NFL. He’s now served 16 seasons as a college head coach, compared to only a four-year run with the San Francisco 49ers before he went to Ann Arbor. Going out on top at the NCAA level seems fitting for Harbaugh. If he doesn’t pan out in his second pro stint — where he’d possibly make even more money, even if job security was a little more tenuous — I guarantee you he’d be welcomed back to Michigan with open arms.

It’s better for the sport of football overall to have jolly good fellow Jim Harbaugh in the NFL. Just my opinion. When you have someone who’s as consistent of a proven winner as there’s ever been in the coaching ranks across college and pro ball, it’d be a shame to not see Harbaugh contending for a Super Bowl. Competing at the highest level. That’s especially so when, thanks to NIL, you can just buy talent and stack your team with booster money.

Listen to how Albert Breer paints the picture of how much sense it makes for Harbaugh to go to the NFL:

Potential NCAA sanctions. Done all he can at the college level short of multiple natties. “Unfinished business” of not lifting the Lombardi Trophy in San Francisco. You don’t think a competitive freakazoid like Harbaugh still feels a type of way about losing to his brother John in the Super Bowl? Of course he does. Nothing at Michigan can fill that aching void.

Come on, Jim. Go pro again. Coach up Justin Herbert with the Chargers, or take one of the other vacancies. You could be a peer/nagging nemesis to the likes of Bill Belichick while coaching a new team! How cool would that be?

Plus, the NFL’s revenue is about to explode even more with the new TV/media rights deals. Owners can pay coaches even more money in the coming years. It’s a no-brainer. Congrats on delivering a CFP title to Michigan, Harbaugh. Now make like a tree and get outta there.

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