Certified Weirdo Jim Harbaugh Had The Michigan Locker Room Sing “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” After Winning The Championship

Michigan football

Jim Harbaugh: Incredible coach, massive weirdo.

Gonna go ahead and get this out of the way before everybody starts bashing me in the comments: I’m glad Michigan won last night. I was cheering for them all season. I thought the Connor Stalions stuff was hilarious and it made me like them more. Their wins over Penn State and Ohio State were electric. (I hate Ohio State). And I was cheering for Michigan in the playoffs.

But man, Jim Harbaugh is one strange motherf*cker.

The coach has always been known for being a little quirky. And that was on full display last night after the Michigan Wolverines took home the College Football Playoff National Championship by taking down the Michael Penix Jr.-led Washington Huskies.

Immediately after the game, Harbaugh was asked what the win meant to him, and left people scratching their heads with an answer that sounded like something you’d say after smoking a bowl or two:

“You watch this confetti come down and it’s like, thousands of confetti, it tells a story. There’s a story in every one of those pieces of confetti.”

I’m pretty sure he stole that from a Dustin Lynch song. Or maybe that’s “Stars Like Confetti.” Whatever.

But it just kept getting weirder as the postgame celebration went on.

When Harbaugh got into the locker room, he decided that the best way for his team to celebrate the crowning achievement of their football careers was…a singalong of “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow.”

What year is it again? Hell, what CENTURY is it again?

In case you didn’t know, “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” was reportedly written in 1709 – just the kind of song you’d want to sing to celebrate with your teammates.

And it sounds like this is a regular thing for Harbaugh, who prompted his team to sing along while huddled up in the locker room:

“That deserves a Jolly Good Fellow! For everybody!”

They all knew exactly what he meant. And they all sang along. If somebody came up to me and said “That deserves a Jolly Good Fellow!” I would assume they were off their meds. But not this Michigan team. That’s just Coach Harbaugh.

What an interesting guy. A weirdo, sure, but undoubtedly one of the greatest football coaches of all time.

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