“Chased The GOAT Away” – Deion Sanders Suggests The Current State Of College Football Forced Nick Saban Into Retirement

Deion Sanders Nick Saban
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Coach Prime didn’t take long to get his Nick Saban retirement take out there…

Since 2007, the Alabama head coaching position has been filled by Nick Saban, and now in a shocking turn of events (a retirement announcement), that job is now open.

There’s a chance that the 72-year-old Saban was just ready to hang it up after an incredible run of seven national titles (six at Alabama, one at LSU), but Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has a different idea.

Shortly after it was made public that Saban would be retiring from coaching, Coach Prime (and fellow Aflac spokesperson) sent this message out on social media, implying that Saban decided to hang it up because of the quickly evolving, incredibly confusing state of college football:

“WOW! College Football just lost the GOAT to retirement. WOW! I knew it would happen one day soon, but not this soon. The game has changed so much that it chased the GOAT away. College football, let’s hold up our mirrors and say HONESTLY what you see.”

Now, that’s quite the interesting take, considering that Coach Prime has been one of the biggest utilizers of the transfer portal and NIL (Name, Image & Likeness) money, which is what has made college athletics so complicated and difficult to navigate in recent years.

Deion does have a decent argument though, as Saban has voiced in the past how he wasn’t a fan of the college football “wild west” that was “brought to you by” lucrative NIL deals and endless transfer requests.

And while those on social media could have been debating whether or not Coach Prime was right or wrong about the Saban retirement, they instead chose to speculate about whether or not Deion could be the next head coach at the University of Alabama:

(It’s never going to happen, for the record).

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