Twitter Sounds Off On Nick Saban’s Retirement & The Alabama Dynasty Possibly Ending

Nick Saban

Could Nick Saban’s retirement mean that it’s back to being anyone’s game in the college football world?

The Alabama head coach stunned the college football world with the news that he would be stepping away from the sport, and though a lot of people have been taking a moment to reflect on Saban’s greatness, others have busy celebrating.

Is social media celebrating because a man sought out coaching greatness and stopped at nothing to achieve it, leading him to win seven national championships? No, they are not.

Is social media celebrating because Saban leaving Alabama means that the rest of the college football teams out there immediately have a better chance of winning and reaching the national championship game? Yes, they are.

Imagine being such a good college football coach that people are simultaneously happy for you and relieved when you announce your retirement. Since 2007, the Alabama Crimson Tide has been a dynastic, football powerhouse, and though it isn’t guaranteed that they fall off without Saban, there is a chance that the run is over.

Nick Saban can now kick back, count his money, and eat all of the Little Debbie snack cakes he wants as Alabama football fans (who have had it really, really, really nice for multiple decades) might have to get used to something that’s foreign to them: Not winning every single game

Because of that, social media has been ablaze with memes about Nick Saban’s retirement, which could in turn signal the end of the Alabama Crimson Tide empire.

Take a look at some of the best online commentary below:

That last meme could be prophetic if true, and they do say things usually happen in three’s. Don’t ask me who “they” is, I have no idea…

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