Broadcast Restrictions Force Michigan Newscaster To Hilariously Recap National Championship Game With Drawings

Michigan newscaster

If you happened to miss the National Championship game, I’ve got some good news for you. You can catch up on all of the action in the short, arguably more fun video that’s included below.

The Michigan Wolverines took on the Washington Huskies in the finale of the College Football Playoff, and Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan team came away victorious. Though the score ended up being 34 to 13, the game was relatively competitive, until a couple of calls went the Wolverines way.

And if you decided to skip out on watching it altogether, I don’t blame you at all for doing that. Though there were some exciting moments, the game kind of dragged on, and don’t even get me started on how many commercial breaks there were.

The game went on for such a long time, in fact, that local news stations in Michigan and Washington weren’t even able to show highlights of the game during their sports segments. That’s because there are weird broadcasting rules that state video from the National Championship game can only be shown after the coverage of the game has concluded.

So one man by the name of Sam Ali covering the game in Michigan decided to get creative with 2o24 National Championship coverage, and managed to sum up a game that took over three hours to play in less than two minutes. How did he manage to do that?

With the help of Microsoft Paint, of course.

Ali said that he had promised viewers “highlights,” and he didn’t want to let anyone down, so he fired up what looks like Microsoft Paint to put together a collection of some of the game’s biggest moments. Needless to say, his commentary overlayed on rough, computer drawings of the Michigan-Washington were phenomenal and hilarious.

Take a look:

Everything about that was simply spectacular. The moment when he pointed out that stick figure Jim Harbaugh had a big smile on his face was my personal favorite.

Is it possible that Sam Ali could start a sport show where he only covers anything and everything from the sports world using Microsoft Paint drawings?

There’s already an account on X (formerly Twitter) that is called “NBA Paint” that covers big moments from the NBA solely with rough Microsoft Paint creations, so I think there’s a strange and inexplicable market for this kind of content. Just an idea…

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