Never Forget: Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Wore Cleats & Brought A Glove To Throw First Pitch At Wrigley Field

Jim Harbaugh

Michigan Wolverines Head Coach (for now) Jim Harbaugh is simply built different.

He’s had success really anywhere he’s gone, and finally captured the elusive National Championship with the University of Michigan last night. Harbaugh’s sign-stealing hard-nosed team gave the Washington Huskies all they could handle, and won the culmination of the College Football Playoff 34 to 13.

Were there a couple of questionable calls that possibly favored the Wolverines in a couple of moments? An argument could be made about that, but they ultimately won by three scores, so it’s not like the refs handed Michigan the game, right?

One thing that isn’t questionable is just how much Jim Harbaugh loves the sport of football. He’s probably one of the most passionate coaches in all of sports right now, and he showcased that prior to the national championship game by putting on receiver gloves and catching passes from his starting quarterback JJ McCarthy.

That shouldn’t be a huge surprise though. Harbaugh has made headlines for a long time for choosing to coach while wearing cleats, so throwing on a pair of gloves to catch passes is really just par for the course.

As a Michigan Wolverine alum who played quarterback, he must just feel more connected to the game when he feels like he too is “suited up.” I’m sure he’s even pushed to wear pads and a jersey at some point.

When it comes to football, it’s all rather normal for Harbaugh to want to look the part. However, that feeling also transfers over to the game of baseball, and Harbaugh stayed true to himself when he threw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game years ago.

The former quarterback insisted that he have all of the gear necessary to throw out the ceremonial pitch, so that meant that he found an extra pair of cleats and a glove to pair with his khakis (freshly pressed I might add) as he stepped onto the mound.

Take a look:

Harbaugh might be a little weird, but the weird clearly works.

As he and his family (and his identical twin father) always say, “who’s got it better than us? NOBODY.” When you win a national championship, you can be weird and wear all the cleats you want…

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