Alabama Man Loses His Sh*t And His Pants After Getting Stuck In Decorative Urn At A Party

Alabama man stuck in urn

Hey Alabama, what the hell’s going on down there?

It’s only been a couple of days since we had a guy stripping naked and jumping into the fish tank at Bass Pro Shop before flopping out and knocking himself unconscious.

And now we have Connor getting himself stuck in an urn.

Ol’ Connor here apparently had a few too many at a New Year’s Eve party in Mountain Brook, Alabama, just outside of Birmingham, and decided to…hop into a decorative urn.

Great idea, right? Hilarious.

Well – spoiler alert, turned out not to be a great idea after Connor ended up getting stuck inside.

In the first video, we see Connor lowering himself into the decorative vase, before he realizes that things aren’t going according to plan and announces to the crowd that he’s stuck.

He seems to be in good spirits at first, trying to wiggle himself out while telling the gathering crowd to get a hammer to bust him out.

But panic seems to set in as Connor starts to ponder his life with a vase stuck on his lower half, and he starts to freak out as everybody tries to figure out how to get him out:

“I am doing everything I f*cking can! Goddammit. My sweater off? I already took my belt off and that didn’t do sh*t.”

See what you did, Connor?

Well eventually somebody grabs a hammer and busts the vase, freeing Connor – who emerged without his pants, which were apparently lost or damaged in the unfortunate urn incident.

To make the whole thing better, one of the partygoers was livetweeting the whole situation, giving us a firsthand look at the chaos that Connor caused:

A couple things: If you’re not familiar with Mountain Brook, it’s a rich suburb of Birmingham, so it makes sense that somebody could have an urn sitting around that cost thousands of dollars but serves absolutely no purpose.

But more importantly: What was Connor hoping to accomplish? Did he think it would impress the ladies if he got into the vase? “Haha Connor got in an urn, he’s so funny, definitely husband material.”

No, this seems like a purely alcohol-infused bad decision.

But luckily all’s well that ends well, and ol’ Connor just wanted a cigarette and a Maker’s Mark when he got out.

Hopefully Connor took that Uber home and not to the Bass Pro Shop.

And it seems like Connor’s embracing his time in the spotlight as the Urn Guy.

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