Remember This Terrifying Footage Of A Hissing Alligator In A Sewer Drain?

Fatos Shira

Do you call the plumber or animal control when you find an alligator in your sewage drain?

The guy in this video was probably asking himself that exact question when he discovered that a massive gator had staked its claim in the drain just outside of his house. This video went viral back in 2016, but it could always use another look.

I can’t think of many things that would be more terrifying than coming face to face with a gator in a place that you would least expect one to be. Just judging by how this video went down, I’d say the discovery of the sewer gator was shocking to say the least.

In the clip, the gator let’s out a mighty, prehistoric hiss, and I think that’s how the guy found out it was down there in the first place. He was probably checking his mail box, and then all of the sudden heard the menacing sound come from the small opening on the street.

Horror film fans know that checking into the hissing sound coming from the sewer is exactly what the main character of the scary movie would do (and it would usually result in finding a possessed clown when they peer down into the darkness).

Though this guy didn’t find Pennywise when he laid down to look, I’d say finding an angry alligator is probably the next worst thing he could have laid eyes on. Props to him for even checking it out…if I were him, I would have heard hissing from opening in the street and just screamed out loud:

“NOT TODAY CLOWN! I’ve seen this movie a couple of times before, not happening.”

Would I have gotten some strange looks from my neighbors as they watched me yell that into my sewer drain? Perhaps, but I’d still be more comfortable playing it that way then getting down on the ground like the guy in this viral video did.

In the clip, the brave man is laying down on the asphalt in front of his home (he points the camera to his house first) as he looks into the camera and says:

“I now have an alligator in my sewer. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything.”

The camera then pans down to reveal the glowing eyes of quite possibly the scariest alligator you’ll ever see. And when the thing hissed and did a semi-snort (clearly showcasing its untethered rage as its hiding spot had been found), I don’t know how the guy didn’t go running and screaming.

Check it out:

That’s without a doubt a living nightmare.

May I also point out the mysterious plastic ball that is also down in the sewer with the gator? Somehow that small detail makes it even scarier. There’s really only two explanations for that green ball being there:

-The man in the video threw it down there to see if the gator was real, and see how it would react when the ball splashed down

-That’s the gator’s version of Pennywise’s balloon that he uses to lure his victims down into the sewers

Let’s hope it was the former and not the latter, and that someone came and got that gator out of there…

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