Drake Milligan Drops Brand New Single, Announces Upcoming ‘Jukebox Songs’ EP

Drake Milligan country music
Drake Milligan

It feels like just yesterday when Drake Milligan took the country music world by storm.

It all started when he and his band auditioned for America’s Got Talent  last year, and put together one of the best full band performance I’ve ever seen on the show with Milligan’s song “Sounds Like Something I’d Do.”

The guy has some impressive vocals, and is an all around great performer, pointing to Elvis Presley as one of his biggest inspirations. Milligan dropped his first full length album in September of 2022, dubbed Dallas/Fort Worth, and has been sprinkling in some singles ever since.

And now, the man is back at it again, as he dropped his latest single “Don’t Leave Me Loving You” today.

Backed up by some gorgeous fiddle and the wail of a steel guitar in the background, the song is a message to a significant other, as Milligan begs her not to leave him when he still has serious feelings.

The chorus speaks for itself:

“Come leave me hurt
Come leave me mud
Come leave my heart broken in half
Leave me like someone I never knew
Hatin’ the hеll you put me through
Just don’t leave mе loving you”

And along with the brand new single, Milligan has just announced a brand new EP to go along with it, slated to drop February 16th.

Dubbed Jukebox Songs, Milligan discussed what we can all expect from the new project:

“’Jukebox Songs’ is exactly what it sounds like. My goal for this EP was to write and find songs that feel classic and memorable – the kinda tunes would fit right in on some old Rock-Ola in the corner of a smoke-filled bar on the outskirts of nowhere Texas.

It’s a continuation of the old-meets-new Country sound I’ve always gone for, and this time with my friend Trent Willmon at the reins as producer, I’m very excited to keep this honky tonk train rollin.’” 

Although we still have a little over a month until we get Jukebox Songs, at least we have “Don’t Leave Me Loving You” to enjoy.

Give it a listen:

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