“It Is A Challenge” – Tom Brady Is Looking Forward To Finally Getting Into The NFL Broadcast Booth This Year

Tom Brady
The Stephen A Smith Show

In case you forgot, Tom Brady signed a 10-year, $375 million dollar broadcasting deal to become a FOX NFL broadcaster…and he’s yet to follow through on that agreement.

Following his second retirement, he’s instead chose to post thirst traps and pour into his SiriusXM show Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray.

It was actually on that show that we finally got an update about the lucrative FOX broadcasting gig the 7-time Super Bowl winning quarterback signed on for. On the latest episode, titled “Week 18- New Year’s Reflections,” Brady opened up about his announcing position, which will officially get kicked off later this year.

The former New England Patriot and Tampa Bay Buccaneer said that after 23 seasons of football, he’s actually looking forward to the challenge the job could bring:

“I’ve got a big broadcasting job that’s gonna start in September. I’m already working hard on trying to make sure I’m ready for that opportunity (and that) I’m prepared mentally and emotionally for that challenge. Cause it is a challenge. It’s something that’s new, it’s outside of my comfort zone.”

Thats’s actually good news for Brady, since he’s thrived time and time again when he’s been faced with challenges in the past. It will certainly take some getting used to for football fans who are used to seeing Brady out on the field, but it sounds like the former QB will be approaching the new position much like he did his old one:

“I’m excited to get out there and try something and see how I do. But it’s gotta be about what my preparation is and what my work ethic is. And hopefully, a lot of the things that I’ve done in my career have prepared me for that.”

Yeah, I’m going to guess that Tom Brady will be just fine in the booth. The only problem he’ll have is keeping himself from un-retiring and suiting up for whatever team he’s covering each week…

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