The Isolated Vocals On Tanner Usrey & Ella Langley’s Version Of “Beautiful Lies” Is Bone Chilling Good

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Tanner Usrey

As someone who is not typically a fan of acapella songs, these isolated vocals make me reconsider my stance.

Tanner Usrey has been riding a high over the last few months. From his Grand Ole Opry debut, headlining tour, and the release of his debut album Crossing Linesthe Prosper, Texas native is making waves with his sound and unfiltered songwriting.

On his album Crossing Lines, Usrey reimagined his previously released single “Beautiful Lies” by adding fellow up-and-comer Ella Langley to the track.

“This song is kind of the one that started it all for me.

It was the first song that got real traction and has always had a special place for me. I think this new version really shows how I’ve evolved as an artist and how we’ve evolved as a band, not to mention I got to work with Ella Langley, who is absolutely amazing at what she does.”

Tanner had noted why he chose to release another version of this song and how excited it was to have Langly on the track. We raved here about how stunning the addition of Langley was to the song, and thanks to a TikTok user, we have even more to rave about.

User CountryvsMetal on TikTok completely isolated the pair vocals, and the result is bone-chilling good.

The vocal isolation opens with just Usrey, and his low, silky smooth vocals portray the hurt as he sings the heartbreaking lyrics. He then isolated just Langley’s voice, and her range is jaw-dropping. She starts low to match the melancholy tone of Usrey before letting her range fly, opening it up with a soft twang throughout.

When the isolation joins together for their harmonies, they mesh perfectly together. I like these harmonies so much because it’s not the typical man to take the low part and a girl to take the high part kind of harmony; they both hit complex notes and still nailed the harmonies.

While the TikTok only clips part of the song to highlight their talents quickly, I’d love to hear the full track fully isolated.

This clip reminds me of the part of Tanner’s shows where he completely unplugs for “Josephine” and sings it mostly acapella. If you have been lucky enough to experience it, you know how incredible that moment is, and hearing this in that setting would be out of this world.

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