Tanner Usrey Teams Up With Ella Langley For Acoustic Duet Of “Beautiful Lies”

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Tanner Usrey

Tanner Usrey’s highly anticipated debut album Crossing Lines has lived up to its lofty expectations.

Released at the perfect time, following an entire year of successfully building anticipation through the incremental release of well-received singles, a grueling touring schedule, and a rapidly growing fan base, Usrey had all the necessary momentum behind him to finally drop the record.

And with 15 strong tracks that fit within the ethos of Usrey’s catalog yet still push the boundaries sonically and further showcase what he and his band are capable of, it’s safe to say Crossing Lines was worth the wait.

One of the many highlights of the album, though, is the reimagined version of Usrey’s hit “Beautiful Lies” with fellow up and comer and budding superstar Ella Langley. Originally released as Usrey’s second single ever in 2019, “Beautiful Lies” has amassed well over 30 million Spotify streams ever since, and was also released as an incredible duet live from The Panhandle House in Denton, TX with the talented Lone Star songstress Graycie York in April 2022.

Now, with Ella Langley included on the brand new Crossing Lines version, the hit track is taking on a new life. Usrey provided some commentary on the new “Beautiful Lies.”

“This song is kind of the one that started it all for me.

It was the first song that got real traction and has always had a special place for me. I think this new version really shows how I’ve evolved as an artist, and how we’ve evolved as a band, not to mention I got to work with Ella Langley, who is absolutely amazing at what she does.

I think this version is going to draw new people in, but still have the old feel to it, and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it.”

Langley provided some additional thoughts on their duet as well.

“You say yes when an impactful song like ‘Beautiful Lies’ gets thrown your way as an idea of a collaboration.

Tanner and I had crossed paths a handful of times and over the past year have grown a friendship through a respect of music and synergy between our teams. I am excited for our fans to experience this song again and I can’t wait to play it live with Tanner.”

In addition to the studio version included on the new record, Usrey and Langley performed an intimate acoustic version of the duet in a must-watch video that was released at the same time.

Check it out below:

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