Sea Lions Use Boat To Shield Themselves From Killer Whales

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One of these days, I hope I’m able to make a trip out west and observe a group of killer whales.

From all of the videos I’ve seen over the years, it would be an incredible experience just to witness these massive creatures in person. Not to mention, you may even get lucky (or unlucky, depending on the kind of person you are) to witness something like this.

In this wild scene, a group of sea lions were being hunted down by a group of hungry orcas.

So, in an effort to survive, the sea lions tried to utilize a nearby boat as shelter.

In the video, you can see the sea lions staying close to the boat, evading the attacking killer whales as several passengers on the boat look on in awe.

Wildlife photographer and boat captain Delaney Trowbridge was the one who documented the whole thing on video, and wrote in the Instagram caption:

“One of the most exhilarating encounters I’ve ever had happened just the other day, when a desperate pair of sea lions tried using our boat to shelter themselves from a hungry pod of killer whales (CA140Bs).

One of the most amazing things about orcas is their unparalleled problem-solving skills that make them such effective predators. The whales made sure to capitalize on every opportunity the sea lions strayed too far from their cover, slowly whittling down their prey.

It was incredibly intense to be in the middle of this deadly game of cat and mouse; likely the closest I’ll ever feel to being “hunted” by an orca myself. Live I’ve said before, I feel for the sea lions as much I do the whales – neither choose what prey they eat and the situation is very much life or death for both parties. Nature is not cruel, it merely is what it is.”

Trowbridge also added:

“This hunt was observed from a safe distance until the sea lions made a sudden & unpredictable dash towards our boat. Floating debris is often utilized by sea lions for protection from orcas, whether naturally-occurring (like kelp beds) or not.

Moving the boat would have jeopardized both the sea lions and the whales, hence our decision to stay still and let nature play out. The orcas were successful in their hunt.”

Check it out:

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