John Moreland Blessed Our Timelines With A Stellar Cover Of Turnpike Troubadours’ “Diamonds & Gasoline”

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John Moreland

Nothing hits like a Turnpike Troubadours cover, and John Moreland is blessing our timelines with his take on a classic.

While Moreland is known for his songwriting excellence, hearing him put his spin on a Turnpike song shows how incredibly captivating his vocals are and his ability to turn a song into his own.

“Diamonds & Gasoline” is collectively a top song among Turnpike fans, and while the title track of their 2010 album sometimes gets forgotten in the deep and impressive catalog of the Oklahoma band (especially with the new album out this past year), Moreland dusted off this lyrical masterpiece and took it for a spin.

Moreland posted to Instagram as he sat in his living room, and said:

“Hi, here’s an old Turnpike Troubadours cover. Was recently reminded what a great song this is.”

While most people think of “Diamonds & Gasoline” as a love song, the lyrics highlight a man feeling like he is at a crossroads of giving up his dreams for a girl or continuing to try and make a name for himself on the road. Evan Felker gingerly delivers the lyrics on his version, singing the painful lyrics. While the original will always be stellar, John Moreland does justice to the song through his cover.

Moreland pours so much soul into these lyrics as his buttery voice sings each word. The simplicity of the faint guitar picking holds the melody while the vocals shine brightly. As he sings, each word hits your ears with conviction, as the lyrics see a new light through this cover.

“And I would buy for you a diamondOr myself some gasolineIf I can’t afford you darlin’Then I can’t afford to dreamAnd is it time I should be movin’?Is it time I settle down?Will I sit still or will I feel the wheels a-spinnin’ ’round?”

The comments section quickly filled up with viewers praising Moreland for his cover but, more importantly, noting that they want him to record a version of the track in the studio. I wholeheartedly agree with the collective request, as a version to stream would be epic.

Even Turnpike fiddle player Kyle Nix said “Goddamn, John. Thank you,” regarding this casual, living room acoustic rendition.

John Moreland knocked this one out of the park.

And after that, you have to hear the original from Evan Felker and the fellas of Turnpike Troubadours:

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