Hawk Gets Super Confused When It Tries To Pounce On A Lawn Decoration Rabbit

hawk attacks fake rabbits

Fool a hawk once, shame on the rabbit statue. Fool a hawk twice, shame on the hawk for not realizing its mistake.

And to be honest, you could probably go through three or four more “fool me” scenarios because this massive hawk was confused as ever after it swooped down thinking it had an easy meal.

Most hawks kind of have the aerial attack thing down at this point. Other than a hawk that had its dinner plans foiled by a car’s windshield, there are plenty of examples of hawks picking out their target from high in the sky and plummeting down to capture it.

So the hawk in this video was just doing normal hawk things when it came flying out of the air and attacked this rabbit that was sitting underneath a tree. However, the big bird quickly found out that this wasn’t going to a be its normal “fast food” where it scoops up the prey and eats it on the go.

Though the hawk was launching a full-blown attack, this rabbit wasn’t moving an inch, and there’s a good reason for that. What is the reason that the rabbit is standing like a statue in the face of danger? Well, because the rabbit is a statue.

The hawk was giving the rabbit statue some of its “greatest hits,” flying around, flapping its wings, and using its talons to try and scrape up the rabbit. It just could not figure out how this bunny was frozen in place with all of the offensive maneuvers it was putting into practice.

A couple of one-legged talon kicks were the final tests that the hawk rolled out before it appears to start coming around on the idea that this rabbit might not be real. The hawk even looks around afterwards as if it was thinking “how embarrassing, I hope no one was around to see this.”

Thankfully for all of us, there was someone around to see it, and they captured this hilarious video below:

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