Documentary About The Life Of Luke Bell, ‘Where Ya Been? The Odyssey and Elegy of Luke Bell,’ Coming Soon

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A deep dive into the life and legacy of Luke Bell.

The country singer tragically passed away in August of 2022 at the age of 32 due to a fentanyl overdose, and left a gaping hole in country music that was filled with his promise of unique, poetic and honest lyrics and songs.

While he passed from a accidental overdose, family of the late singer had issued a statement following his death explaining that Bell had been battling mental illness for years and that despite the support of loved ones, he was unable to receive the help he needed.

“Luke suffered from the disease of mental illness, which progressed after his father’s death in 2015.

Luke was supported through his disease by a community of loving family and friends. Despite this, he was unable to receive the help he needed to ease his pain.”

And now, a new documentary titled Where Ya Been? The Odyssey and Elegy of Luke Bell, is coming soon, which will dive deep into the story of his life and some of the hard things he had to deal with that might’ve contributed to his ultimate passing.

The film will feature interviews with his family members and friends, including Luke’s mom Carol, sister Jane, in addition to his grandparents, uncle, cousin, and others, as they recall stories and moments with the late Bell that shaped both his and their lives in a very important way.

Bell was raised on a small ranch in Wyoming, and left his hometown in pursuit of a country music career, finding himself in Austin, Texas and eventually on stages with people like Willie Nelson.

Bell instantly turned heads in 2014 with the release of his album, Don’t Mind If I Do, and the follow up self-titled project in 2016.

Gaining traction with country music fans, and the industry as a whole, Luke quickly became one of the most promising acts in the business, opening for the likes of the aforementioned Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr.

However, right as his music career appeared to be taking off, he, for the most part, disappeared. Known to hop trains and travel around, he lived a drifter lifestyle, spending time in Kentucky, Wyoming, Austin, Texas, Nashville, and Tucson.

He played some shows here and there, but for the most part, country music fans spent the better part of the five years leading to his death wondering when he might put out another project.

While filmmakers have already done much of the work in terms of putting this documentary together, as is evidenced in the trailer below, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the rest of the funds to help with promotion and other aspects that come along with releasing a film:

“We are raising funds to help with additional travel and production costs, music licensing fees, media and other production expenses.”

It’s sure to be a captivating, important piece of cinematography that the world deserves to see, and you can donate HERE if you feel so inclined.

From the short three-minute trailer, it already looks like a truly incredible documentary, and you can watch it here:

“Where Ya Been”

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