Singer/Songwriter Luke Bell Has Passed Away At The Age Of 32

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A sad day in country music…

On Sunday, August 28th, news broke that country artist Luke Bell had gone missing on August 20th in Tucson, Arizona.

His fellow country artist, buddy, and caretaker Matt Kinman shared with Saving Country Music that after the two had left Bell’s hometown of Cody, Wyoming, he disappeared:

“We came down here to Arizona, to work down here, play some music, and he just took off. He was in the back of the truck. I went to get something to eat. I came out, and he’d got out the truck and left.”

Bell struggled with severe bipolar disorder, however his manager Brian Buchanan assured the outlet that he had been doing well for the past year and a half, and the two were still in contact.

However this time, Kinman was afraid that a change in his medication may have resulted in his disappearance:

“He could be in Tucson. But it’s possible he jumped a freight train, and who knows where he’s going. If someone sees him, get him to a hospital immediately, get a hold of me, and we’ll come after him.”

With that being said, Saving Country Music has now confirmed that Bell has passed away at the age of 32, not far from where he initially disappeared in Tucson.

The singer/songwriter was about as authentic as it gets, and instantly turned heads in 2014 with the release of his album, Don’t Mind If I Do, and the follow up self-titled project in 2016.

Gaining traction with country music fans, and the industry as a whole, Luke quickly became one of the most promising acts in the business, opening for the likes of Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr.

However, right as his music career appeared to be taking off, he, for the most part, disappeared. Known to hop trains and travel around, he perfectly captivated the drifter lifestyle, spending time in Kentucky, Wyoming, Austin, Texas, Nashville, and Tucson. He played a some shows here and there, but for the most part, country music fans have spent the better part of the past 5 years wondering, “when is Luke Bell gonna release more music.”

A brilliant songwriter and talented artist, Bell is truly one of the greatest “what if” stories in all of country music, arguably possessing as much talent and promise as anybody else in the business.

He will be greatly missed.


“Where Ya Been”


“Jealous Guy” (John Lennon cover)

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