Kids Go Berserk When The Grinch Breaks Into Their Home & Steals Their Presents


I’ll never forget being a four year old kid, and being absolutely mortified of the Grinch…

ESPECIALLY the live action one with Jim Carrey. I watched it one time and hid behind the couch for the majority of the movie, and vetoed my family every time they wanted to watch it throughout my childhood.

On top of that, I’d run and hide every time I saw somebody wearing a Grinch costume out in public. The fear was real.

So, after watching this video, my childhood self 1000% empathizes with these kids, although my adulthood self is laughing his a** off.

First off, I want to say this is cruel and unusual punishment from the parents right here.

Here we have someone dressed head to toe in a Grinch costume during what appears to be Christmas Eve, and barges into the house like they own the place.

The person in the costume shakes their finger at the kids, and they start going berserk. Screaming and yelling, one of the kids throws a pillow at the person in the costume, and proceeds to attack, throwing a couple punches at the Grinch.

And what does the Grinch proceed to do next?

They take the kids’ presents under the tree and put them in the trash bag, and immediately scoots out.

I mean GOOD LORD. I don’t know if these kids will ever recover from this. Meanwhile the dad in the corner is having the time of his life watching this all unfold.

I’ll go ahead and send some prayers up for these kids right now.

Check it out:


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