Antonio Brown Says He Doesn’t Tell His Son That “A Fat Cracker” Brought His Christmas Gifts: “Daddy Got This Sh*t For You”

Antonio Brown
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At what point does somebody take Antonio Brown‘s Twitter account away from him for his own good?

The former wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is known for making headlines for his bizarre behavior. (Remember when he took off his pads and quit in the middle of a game back in 2022?)

It’s pretty safe to say that AB’s NFL career is over at this point, but he’s still managed to stay in the headlines for plenty of off-the-field antics since his abrupt mid-game retirement.

Last year, Brown barricaded himself in his house as police tried to take him into custody on domestic violence charges, and earlier this year he once again found himself behind bars for failing to pay child support. (He then went right back to jewelry store).

Brown said at the time that he’s not having money problems: He just refuses to pay his court-ordered child support. And apparently he wants everybody to know that he’s got money to buy things for his kids – including his kids.

Last night, in the spirit of Christmas, Brown posted on X (formerly Twitter) that he doesn’t tell his kids that Santa Claus brought their gifts – although he couldn’t help but inject some racism into the post:

“You think I told my son a fat cracker slid in chimney for him to get gifts

Yea f*cking Rt

You daddy got this sh*t for you Champ”

The post drew a lot of reaction…mainly from people questioning whether the former wide receiver is suffering from the mental effects of CTE from his years of taking hits on the football field.

But that wasn’t the only bizarre tweet that AB has fired off recently…

Merry Christmas from Antonio Brown…but not from Santa.

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