Celebrate Christmas By Watching Santa Claus Stripe His Drive Down The Middle Of The Fairway

Santa golfing


That’s what many kids yelled this morning as they ran to their Christmas trees, and also what you’ll likely think/say after you watch this video below. Who knew that Santa had such a powerful golf swing?

I guess it should have been pretty obvious that Santa would be good at golf though, right? Santa Claus (A.K.A St. Nick, A.K.A. The Man with the Bag) works one day a year, and any version of him that I’ve seen looks like he would be quite comfortable slipping into the 8 a.m. old codger tee time at any and every country club.

It’s only right that after delivering presents to every single child all across the world, he gets to let loose and play some golf. Sometimes there’s nothing better after a long, stressful day than hitting a little white ball with a big metal club.

And on Christmas Day, Santa is unlikely to run into any golfers out on the course. Once St. Nick gets all of the presents delivered, and consumes a seemingly endless amount of milk and cookies, his schedule clears up, and lucky for him, everyone else is usually busy on Christmas day.

What the video doesn’t show is all of the reindeer caddies that Santa has over to the side. You know he’s not carrying his own golf bag after carrying the bottomless toy bag he has going in and out of all the houses in the middle of the night.

The footage does show Santa hitting an ABSOLUTE MISSILE out into the fairway though:

And in case you wanted a technical break down of Santa’s swing, the man in red has a lot going for him with his golf swing. That bomb that he hit in the video above was a result of a relatively on plane swing, a short-yet-powerful (Jon Rahm style) backswing, and a lower body rotation through the ball that allows his belly full of jelly to clear towards the target, and is incredibly impressive.

You’d think he’d be stiff after sitting in a sleigh and diving down chimneys all night, but he looks as limber and nimble as ever. I guess that Christmas magic translates to his golf swing too…

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