Elle King Blesses Nashville Karaoke Bar With Impromptu Performance Of “Santa Baby”

Elle King singing Christmas songs

I don’t know how many more signs we can give you to hit your local karaoke bar.

From Will Ferrell and  John Daly to Ed Sheeran, you just never know who is going to be in what city and who is in the mood to strike up a tune on the karaoke machine. Good or bad, anyone with some sort of attention in the media is a garuneteed good time at a karaoke bar.

Elle King hit up a Nashville karaoke classic the other night, Frans Eastside, and spread a little holiday cheer throughout the dive bar.

I’ve always thought that Elle King was always an “it” girl, but after seeing this video…I rest my case. She strolls up on stage with red cowgirl boots, a striped winter coat, and a Louis Vuitton bag while holding a Twisted Tea; she grabs the mic and sings a Christmas twanger.

Taking us back to the 1950s, she lays down a stellar rendition of Ertha Kitt’s “Santa Baby.”

King waltzes around the stage, nailing every single note that comes out of her mouth, and has a way of delivering each word that seems like she doesn’t give a shi*t but still makes it sound flawless.

“Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thingA ring, I don’t mean on the phoneSanta baby, so hurry down the chimney tonightHurry down the chimney tonight.”

She clearly showed up wanting to have some fun and got to warm up her vocal cords while doing it. The ultimate test of a musician’s true talent is hidden in moments like this, and Elle King passed with flying colors. She is an unbelievable talent in a casual environment or on a sold-out stage, and she knows how to rock the space she is working in.

Elle King is the ultimate cool girl, and folks in the comment section agree.

“Twisted tea, Louis V, and the voice of an angel.”

“Elle King is the ultimate effortless cool girl. She’s such a vibe.”

Umm I love this.”

“I would have a f*ckin’ heart attack if she walked in and started singing karaoke.”

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