Miami Dolphins Punter Jake Bailey Proposes To Girlfriend Bailey…Whose Name Will Soon Be Bailey Bailey

Jake Bailey
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For as long as names have been around, many have hoped for the aligning stars that would result in someone having the same first and last name. Just so we’re clear, we’re not talking about someone having two first names (like Ricky Bobby), we’re talking about someone doubling up on the same name.

Another fun option (that’s more common) that people sometimes hope for is two people with the same first names getting together, getting married, and then having the same name.

For example, there was a lot of buzz back in the day when former country star Taylor Swift was dating Twilight star Taylor Lautner. If they could have made it work, and if Swift would have changed her last name (she probably wouldn’t have), they would have come together to be two Taylor Lautners.

As long as you have a gender neutral first name, that can happen more often than you think. It’s not everyday (or maybe even ever) that someone with a gender neutral first name for a last name falls in love with someone with a gender neutral first name that’s the same (are you still with me?).

That’s exactly what happened with this wonderful couple, and the elusive double name will soon be a reality. Jake Bailey, the punter for the Miami Dolphins, just got engaged to Bailey Nicole, so if everything goes as it traditionally does, Bailey’s first and last name will soon be Bailey.

First off, that’s just great. I know that was probably a conversation starter in the beginning of their relationship, and I’m sure Bailey (the woman) probably even found it as a hindrance for a while. However, love must have prevailed, as it always does, and now it will just be up to Bailey Nicole to go through with the name change to forever be known instead as Bailey Bailey.

Could Bailey Bailey just go by Bailey, like some people (Cher, Prince) are known by one singular name? Having to go around and say your first and last name is Bailey will probably cause some minor headaches, but when you are married to a punter that absolutely NUKES footballs up into the air and down the field, I’m sure life isn’t all that bad.

For reference, here’s a video of Jake Bailey (who might as well change his first name to Bailey too) booming a punt up into the air so high, it hit the jumbotron above the field:

Oh, and while we’re at it, congratulations to NASCAR driver Justin Haley and his wife, Haley Haley.

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