Black Bear Opens Door & Walks Into California Police Facility On Its Hind Legs

black bear
California Highway Patrol

There’s an obvious list of places that you would never want to break into, and at the top of that list is a police station.

This black bear in California didn’t get that memo, and decided to let itself into a police facility while there were people inside. And while you would think that if a bear wanted inside of a building, it would barge right in, but this bruin had other plans.

Almost as if the bear’s plan was to blend in, the animal stands up on its hind legs just outside of the door, pushes down on the door handle, and swings the door open.

The door opened to the outside of the building, so it was a pretty impressive feat for the bear to simultaneously turn the handle and pull on the door itself to get inside.

Before it headed indoors, the black bear looked over its shoulder (probably checking to make sure the coast was clear) before dropping back down to its paws and waltzing right in.

One of the main causes for bear break-ins and interactions with humans is usually because the bruin is searching for food, but this one walked right past the vending machines by the entrance.

It’s unclear why the black bear went into the police facility, but it evidently wasn’t because it was hungry. The security camera captures the bear’s reflection in the glass portion of the door, showing it walk through another doorway and down a hallway of the building.

The wild animal didn’t make it very far before it backtracked and went running out the same door that it came in through. Considering that the black bear was quickly followed out by a couple of police officers that were inside, it’s likely that the bear was alarmed by their presence and decided to get the hell out of dodge.

As the police officers chase the bear outside, it appears that one of the men has his gun drawn. He most likely wasn’t planning on taking the bear down, but a lot can go through your head when you are sitting in your office and, next thing you know, a big ol’ black bear comes wandering by in the hallway.

No one was harmed during the incident, and the bear miraculously didn’t cause any damage to the building during its visit. The officers didn’t think it was necessary to name the bear as a suspect, though security camera captured the same bear a couple of days later wandering through the building’s parking lot.

You can check out the bear with door opening abilities in the video below:

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