We’re Getting Another Serious Adam Sandler Movie Where The Sandman Plays A “Spaceman” In A Struggling Marriage

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler, A.K.A. “The Sandman,” has a rather impressive movie catalogue to his name.

In recent years, Sandler has diverged from his usual slapstick comedies (of which he can pump out like nobody’s business) to try out some more serious roles, and he’s surprisingly triumphed in doing so. You would think a funnyman like himself would struggle as dramatic characters, but for Sandler (and many other comedians who have crossed over into drama), he’s actually thrived.

He showed his serious acting chops early on in films like Click (2006) and Punch-Drunk Love (2002), but Sandler really took the world by storm when he starred as the main character in the thrilling crime drama Uncut Gems (2019). That role really opened up the eyes of Hollywood to Sandler’s acting abilities, and appears to have opened up future opportunities, such as the upcoming movie Spaceman.

Not a lot is known about the film, but we do know that Adam Sandler will take on the leading role of the spaceman the story revolves around. The synopsis of the movie was posted by Netflix, and describes the plot as:

“An astronaut (Sandler) realizes that the marriage he left behind might not be waiting for him when he returns to Earth. Desperate to fix things with his wife (Mulligan), he is helped by a mysterious ancient creature (Dano) he finds hiding in the bowels of his ship.”

Seems like a rather intricate and unique premise, does it not?

Sandler has made a career off of taking the strangest and zaniest comedic characters and making them lovable, so he should have no problem playing a spaceman whose marriage is falling apart. He’ll be teaming up with critically acclaimed director Johan Renck, who was the mind behind HBO’s Chernobyl limited series, for the film, so the two of them together should be able to really make some magic.

Spaceman is set to be released on March 1st of 2024, and the short teaser trailer for the movie can be seen below:

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