Sam Elliott Partners With Taylor Sheridan’s 6666’s Ranch & Fritos To Prove Once Again Why He’s The Greatest Commercial Voice Of Our Time

Sam Elliott commercial

I wish I had some good news to tell about the release date for the final half season of Yellowstone, but unfortunately I don’t.

It’s been a tough year for the Yellowstone saga, as it was announced that the show would be coming to an abrupt end after the second half of season five, much in part to Kevin Costner exiting the show due to alleged conflicts in film scheduling. On top of that, the writers’ strike pushed the release date of the second half of season five further and further back, and we won’t be getting it until November of next year.

It truly is a sad way to see one of the most popular shows in the country go, but we’re all hoping co-creator Taylor Sheridan can find a way to give the show the ending that it deserves. But speaking of Sheridan, it appears that the guy is dipping his toes into TV commercials, as he directed a brand new commercial for Fritos.

And the best part about it?

The commercial is filmed at the iconic 6666 Ranch, and narrated by 1883 star Sam Elliott.

With Elliott’s recognizable deep vocals guiding the way, the commercial shows a number of cowboys hard at work on the ranch, while also chowing down on some Fritos after a long day’s work. I mean, we’re talking about corn chips here, but Sam’s gravely voice would have you feeling like the United States of America founded because of Fritos. Is it over the top for Fritos? Yeah, of course… but is Sam still the best in the business when it comes to commercials voice overs? You’re damn right.

According to TV Insider, Kristin Kroepfl, VP of Frito-Lay marketing, said:

“Since 1932, Fritos has been feeding the cowboy spirit with simple ingredients and a quality product. Now, we’re excited to bring our brand’s iconic story to life alongside two icons in the Western genre: Taylor Sheridan and Sam Elliott.

With Sam’s powerful narration, Taylor’s masterful eye behind the camera, and the famed 6666 Ranch as our backdrop, we’re proud to share the storied history of Fritos that began here in Texas. Ninety-one years under our belt, and we look forward to connecting with more fans who possess the cowboy spirit for years to come.”

Check it out:

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