Cody Jinks Brings Out Tennessee Jet For A Red Rocks Duet Of “Lifers”

Cody Jinks country music
Cody Jinks

Cody Jinks and Tennessee Jet join forces on stage at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.

Cody Jinks has been on a kick these days of sharing concert footage from his last bit of time on the road, and I am so here for it because they are not your typical concert clips. He highlights the incredible talents he has joined him on stage and the tender moments with fans throughout shows.

In the most recent shared clip, Jinks pulls a portion of his show from Red Rocks, where he has Tennessee Jet join him for an incredible performance of his 2018 track, “Lifers.

Some of you might know Tennessee Jet as a controversial figure who released his “anti-woke” song “2+2” this fall, and some of you might not know him at all, but Jinks does an incredible job introducing who Tennessee Jet is beyond his headlining moments.

Jinks notes that he first saw Jet open up for an artist he and his wife went to see and were utterly blown away by the young man on stage with only his acoustic guitar. After his set, he went back to the merch table to buy two CDs so he could hear more from the artist, and since then, the two have had an incredibly close friendship.

“We started a really close friendship. Man, I think the world of him. I think the world of him and his wife, both. We have written a lot of songs together over the years, man. I think the world of him, man, I love him dearly as a friend and as a songwriter.”

Jet waltzes out on stage after the introduction and as Jinks queues the band to start the song.

Jinks takes the first verse, laying down his consistent vocals to the title track of his album Lifers. Tennessee Jet jumps in to help out during the harmonies on the chorus before he nails the second verse. Jet’s smooth twangs pair perfectly with Jinks’ vocals, making for a killer duet.

“So here’s to the lifersThe struggle-and-strifersWorkin’ long after the day is doneHere’s to the broke-backsThe cowboys in old hatsThe last of the Great GenerationIt seems they still dream…”

At the end of the song, you can see Jet whisper into Jinks’ ear, thanking him for the opportunity on stage, and then they chat for a second as the band wraps up the melodies before Jet exits stage right.

Jinks is beaming as he hears the audience’s applause after the song, noting it was a good move to have Jet join him on stage (and it’s a cute friendship moment that Jinks was sporting some TN Jet merch while on stage).

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