Tennessee Jet Calls Out Oklahoma Venue For Cancelling Show Over His Song “2+2,” Which The Venue Called “Anti-Trans Rhetoric”

Tennessee Jet
Tennessee Jet

Tennessee Jet isn’t backing down.

The Oklahoma native, whose unique sound blends country with rock, blues and folk music all into one, dropped a new song back in October that takes direct aim at “woke” culture.

And he didn’t hold back:

“Kids are overdosing on fentanyl
The door is wide open at the border wall
DC’s busy selling out us all
Unless it’s Ukraine they ain’t takin’ calls
Politicians whorin’ for the war machine
Launderin’ money in the name of peace
Dressin’ up Zelensky in Army green
Marching us right off into World War 3″

The song also calls out President Joe Biden and his “Build Back Better” slogan, as well as his response to the recent wildfires in Maui:

“Build back better? More like build back poor
They don’t give a damn once they get your vote
Maui’s on fire and Biden’s crackin’ jokes”

But Biden’s far from the only one getting called out, as the verses go on to criticize the transgender movement, Antifa, and celebrities pushing the climate change agenda while flying around on private jets:

The chorus sums up his view on the state of the world where we’re told to believe things from politicians no matter what the actual evidence shows:

“How dare you dare to mention
How dare you believe your eyes
How dare you even question
2 + 2 is 5″

On his TikTok, Tennessee Jet explained his motivation for writing the song:

“Most musicians for as much as they boast of their “rebelliousness” and non-conformity in actuality are the exact opposite, aligning with only the most career advantageous opinions/positions and in the process often aligning themselves with politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and whatever “social justice” cause is trending.

And not that every politician, corporation or cause is bad…but how do you trust an artist whose lost the standing to hold those in power accountable?”

And the artist says the feedback he’s received on the song has been overwhelmingly positive:

But apparently one venue has decided to cancel Tennessee Jet’s show over the song’s lyrics.

He took to Facebook today to announce that his annual Christmas Show & Toy Drive at The Mercury Lounge in Tulsa, OK has been cancelled by the venue, being told on Monday that the show was being scrapped due to what the venue called “anti-trans rhetoric:

“Basically, the show was cancelled over the views expressed in my song…making evident to me that the Mercury Lounge is not a “safe-space” for artistic expression.”

But Tennessee Jet isn’t backing down, and says he wears the cancellation proudly because it means he stands up for what he believes in:

“I wear this as a badge of honor and wanna thank the Mercury Lounge for encouraging me to continue to speak the truth in my songs and share my views at a time when so many artists cower to the radical woke.”

He also further clarified his stance that’s being painted by the venue as “anti-trans.”

“In “2+2” I take aim at the medical industry that encourages and profits off of so-called “gender-affirming” surgeries for MINORS.

I believe kids struggling with their identity are being taken advantage of emotionally and spiritually for the sake of profit under the guise of sympathy and compassion. What these kids go through is heartbreaking and I feel the last thing we as a society should do when a kid is at their most impressionable and vulnerable is to allow them to permanently alter their bodies and damage their long-term health.

I believe to truly be on their side in such a volatile time is to protect them from themselves and their fragile mental state. Once that child is an adult I believe it’s none of anyone’s business how they choose to live their life and that “love your neighbor as yourself” applies no matter what your neighbor’s sexual orientation. I believe my position is the TRULY compassionate one on this issue.”

And he also addressed his feelings on men competing in women’s sports, an issue that former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who was mentioned in the song, has been outspoken on:

“My song also brings up the subject of men competing in women’s sports…particularly the topic of Lia Thomas/Riley Gaines.

I simply don’t believe it’s fair to allow men to compete in women’s sports. Men have an unfair physical advantage and I can’t believe I even have to say that.

A man should not be able to simply declare himself a woman and then dominate her in a sport. This is happening in high schools as well…and women are being forced to share changing/locker rooms with men. I think this is anti-woman and disgusting.

I believe men should stand up for women and children and that this topic is exposing who is TRULY on the side of women…while also exposing the blatant hypocrisy of the radical woke.”

Tennessee Jet announced that the show will instead take place at The Blackbird on Pearl, which he calls “a more inclusive, tolerant, and open-minded venue that does not censor songwriters.” And he ended by vowing to keep speaking out for what he believes:

“For my views my livelihood has been attacked and I’m confident upon reading this that the verbal knives will come out and I’ll be called all sorts of untrue things by unserious people…everyone knows the playbook.

Those that don’t think for themselves will spew the same old tired slurs but it will have zero effect on my artistry other than providing it fuel. I won’t be bullied, I won’t be censored and I have nothing to apologize for.”

Good for him for not backing down to cancel culture.

And if you haven’t heard the song yet, you can check it out here and decide for yourself:

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