By Flipping QB/Poet Dylan Raiola From Georgia To Nebraska, Matt Rhule Might’ve Pulled Off The Recruiting Heist Of The Millennium

Dylan Raiola
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Are you freaking kidding me, Matt Rhule?? No WAY. The Nebraska Cornhuskers — unlike when Sam Ehlinger declared it so a little prematurely for the College Football Playoff-bound Texas Longhorns — might actually be back, back!

According to 247Sports, Dylan Raiola is the No. 1 quarterback in the country from the class of 2024 and second overall. When was the last time Nebraska landed a player like this? I can’t even remember. Thanks to ESPN’s reporting on this stunning recruitment situation, the answer over the past 20 or so years is NEVER.

People are asking if Dylan Raiola is a poet as well. Even if this was ghostwritten, well done:

In case you can’t see the tiny print, OK fine, I’ll transcribe, because it’s kinda legendary, not gonna lie (slant rhyme. LFG):

In the realm of college dreams where purpose takes flight,
Enter Dylan Raiola, crafting his narrative in the night.
Once lured by Georgia, where powerhouse glory gleamed,
Yet Nebraska’s purpose in his heart brightly beamed.
In the scarlet and cream, where legacies entwine,
Dylan, like Rodgers, Rozier, and Crouch, a hero in the line.
No longer a cog in some powerhouse machine,
But a quarterback, with an even grander ambition unseen.
So fellow fans await, with hope in the air,
For Dylan to choose, his purpose to declare.
In a weekend’s decision, destiny calls,
To fulfill his new purpose, where a new dynasty enthralls.


I’m choosing to believe the young gun isn’t up his own a** and is instead innocently articulating how he intends to reshape Nebraska football. LOVE IT.

Now get a load of this: Raiola lives in Georgia. Goes to Buford High School in the state. Already committed to play for the in-state powerhouse led by Kirby Smart. Raiola just so happens to be the godson of former Bulldogs QB Matthew Stafford, too. Think it’s safe to say there are plenty of Georgia ties for Raiola to justify going there.

Here’s the thing, though: Raiola’s father, Dominic, was a decorated center at the University of Nebraska. He went on to play 14 NFL seasons for the Detroit Lions, where he was teammates with Stafford, hence the godson relationship situation.

Dylan Raiola actually gave a verbal commitment to Ohio State at first. Then, he opted to go closer to his current home with Georgia. Now? He’s going back to the Big Ten, only not to play for a perennial CFP contender in the Buckeyes. He’s trying to spark a rapid rebuild for the program that his dad was once part of.

Now this is mighty interesting, too: Last week, 247Sports reported that Rhule gave his offensive line coach — just so happens to be Donovan Raiola, the uncle of Dylan — a fat raise from $325,000 in salary to $500K.

What a finesse play by Matt Rhule. Seriously. Year 3 is when it really popped for Rhule when he undertook massive rebuilding projects at Temple and Baylor. Looks like that’ll be the case at Nebraska with Raiola joining the fold. Although Rhule’s NFL stop with the Carolina Panthers didn’t work out, look at the shambles that organization is in now. Rhule never had the benefit of anything close to a franchise QB in Carolina, either.

If Rhule someday desires a return to the professional ranks, perhaps he and Raiola will be a package deal. Still way too early to say that, especially with the transfer portal and f*ck you NIL money Raiola can make. Nevertheless, the faint possibility is certainly in play.

Recruiting news isn’t often something to get all amped up for. However, we’re talking about a legit 5-star talent with an NFL pedigree who is already so far ahead of the curve compared to even other top recruits who go to Elite 11 and other such development camps before they hit a college campus.

Should you desire to see Raiola in action — why wouldn’t you if you’ve read this far? — here’s a highlight reel. Spoiler alert: It’s most impressive. That first pass alone is a BOMB.

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