105-Year-Old Bengals Fan Celebrated Her Birthday By Watching Football, Drinking Fireball & Hanging With Hunky Firefighters

Bengals fan
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The key to living a long and happy life is to LIVE like this woman did on her 105th birthday.

Meet Florence Hackman, a Cincinnati, Ohio native who just might be the coolest grandma on the entire planet. She was born in Cincinnati on December 16th, 1918, and like the well-known Christmas sings, she’s very passionate about a few of her favorite things.

Hackman just celebrated her 105th birthday this past weekend, and she made good on her promise to make it one of the best days of her long life. The longtime Cincinnati resident loves three things more than anything else: Fireball whiskey, the Cincinnati Bengals, and hunky firefighters.

A woman knows what she wants, and Hackman decided that she wanted to celebrate her special day by bringing together all of her favorites. So, her senior living facility Traditions of Deerfield went all out to make sure Hackman’s big day was full of everything she loved.

The 105-year-old woman rang in another year of her life by watching her Bengals take down the Minnesota Vikings in exciting fashion along with some firefighters from the Deerfield Township Fire Department.

There was also enough Fireball whiskey present that you would’ve thought a college fraternity was throwing a rager at the senior living facility.

When Fox 19 news asked the wonderful woman what the key to a long life was, she responded by saying:

“Just try to be nice to people and try to go one day at a time, that’s all. And if you get that one day in, then you can go on to the next one.”

Sounds simple enough…

While she was on the news, she made a pitch for some free Cincinnati Bengals tickets, as well as a hopeful deal for “free Fireball for life.” Hopefully some of those things will come to fruition for Hackman, but at the very least, she welcomed in 105 with a party of 120 people, including some local firefighters.

You can check out the local news story about the 105-year-old party animal below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock