Wyatt Flores Brings The Audience To Their Feet With Heartfelt Message During Cover Of The Fray’s “How To Save A Life”

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Raise your hand if you were addicted to this song sometime during your childhood.

Wyatt Flores gives us the mashup we never knew we needed with a moving message. During his opening sets for Charles Wesley Godwin’s back-to-back sold-out nights at Ryman Auditorium, Flores decided to have some fun in the Mother Church.

During his set, he quickly turned from one of his hit songs to a hit song from The Fray, “How To Save A Life.”

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While the mashup of the two songs is something Flores has done during past sets, during the full performance of the cover track, Flores moves the audience with a heartfelt message.

“How To Save A Life” is a staple song of the 2000s and is one of those tracks that everyone will know no matter what their primary listening genre is. Flores taking the track and spinning it into a country track is one of the best things I have heard done with the 2005 hit. The addition of his fiddle player killing it gives the song a slight twang, while Flores delivers the powerful lyrics with conviction.

At the song’s end, Flores tells the audience why he does this song during most of his shows.

“The reason I chose this one is because I speak a lot about mental health. And, uh, I’ve lost a lot of friends, and recently, I’ve lost some family to it.”

He says with a shakey voice.

“And, I’m tired of losing folks, and that’s why I speak on it, and that’s why I keep talking about it. I struggle with it, the same as everyone else does. I hope this music has done something for y’all because I want to help people. And if I can do that through this, then I’ve done something.”

Flores then becomes very choked up as he speaks to his family in the audience, relating to the family member that he lost from their battle with their mental health. It’s hard to hear exactly what he is saying because the audience is on their feet so quickly, lifting up the young artist as he speaks the heartfelt message.

“I don’t blame him for what he did.” 

He says before stepping away from the mic to compose himself.

With “Please Don’t Go” sharing messaging similar to “How To Save A Life,” Flores packs a punch with the mental health-focused songs. As more people become open with their struggles, having songs they can relate to becomes more critical.

As the phrase “it’s okay not to be okay” is used increasingly, it is important to have songs that advocate looking out for each other. Wyatt is a great advocate of this, and the end of this video will have you choked up.

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