Mom Chucks Rabid Raccoon Across The Yard After It Attacks Young Daughter On Their Porch

Raccoon attack
Logan Kelsey McNamara

Absolute chaos.

Raccoons are strange little creatures.

On the one hand, they’re relatively cute, with their little striped tails and bandit-esque black fur around their eyes. And on the other, they don’t have the nickname “trash pandas” for nothing.

Native to just about every part of the United States except some harsh desert climates, raccoons are found pretty much everywhere across the country, up into Canada and even into Mexico. They have also been introduced, whether intentionally or not, into parts of central Europe and Japan.

Nocturnal creatures with omnivorous diets, they can usually be found snacking on a variety of insects, worms, fruits, nuts and the occasional small mammal or bird.

Interaction with humans is relatively common as an increasing number of raccoons have made their way into urban and suburban areas, and of course, it’s pretty common to find them rummaging through your trash cans.

That being said, raccoon attacks are very uncommon.

If you see a raccoon during the day, there’s a good chance it may be ill, particular with rabies. Raccoons account for a pretty good chunk of the rabid animals in the United States, and an aggressive raccoon is almost always sick, whether it’s rabies, canine distemper or feline parvovirus.

This Ashford, Connecticut family learned that the hard way.

A young girl was on her porch in the early morning when a raccoon made a run for her leg, and latched on, while the girl screamed for dear life.

The girl’s mother came out, grabbing the raccoon by the scruff and tossed it back into the yard.

The young girl wanted to share the video with the world wide web:

“Per Rylee’s request “show everyone what the racoon did” we are headed to get checked out for rabies following this unprovoked racoon attack. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this Brave girl!”

Mom later clarified that they both got their rabies shots at their local hospital shortly following the attack.

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