Old Dominion Announces They’re Opening A Bar In Nashville Too And This Is Just Getting Ridiculous

Old Dominion
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This is getting out of hand…

Just kidding. It’s been out of hand for a long time.

These days Nashville has just become an endless string of massive artist-owned bars that, for the most part, are pretty much all the same. There’s Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Kid Rock, Garth Brooks…even Morgan Wallen and Bon Jovi are opening bars in Music City now.

Everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon…and in the process, opening some pretty generic bars.

Well I guess Old Dominion saw everybody else cashing in on the trend and decided that they wanted a piece of the pie too. Because the band just announced that – shocker – they’re opening a bar in Nashville too.

Did somebody ask for this? I feel like nobody asked for this.

But ready or not, apparently it’s coming. The band announced on Instagram that their bar, Odie’s, would be coming in the summer of 2024.

One thing I’ll at least give them credit for is that their bar will be in midtown Nashville, as opposed to on Broadway with all the others. Of course that probably just means that midtown is going to look just like Broadway after other artists follow them away from the heart of downtown…

On opening their bar in midtown as opposed to on Broadway, the band said:

“It’s an important neighborhood for not only upcoming artists and writers but also for locals and visitors who want a good place they know they can go and have a good time. Odie’s will be that neighborhood bar for us all.”

I mean, isn’t Red Door already that neighborhood bar in midtown? And Winner’s and Loser’s? I think that part’s already covered…

Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen spoke on the idea for Odie’s:

“We wanted it to be a place where a group of songwriters who might have a band could play, or someone starting out might be able to be part of a writers thing and get heard. You know, pay it forward because all these years later, we know it works. That’s much better than just a temple to who we think we are.”

The bar will be located on Division Street, in what used to be ReBar, and is expected to open next summer.

Can’t wait to not check this one out.


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