Florida Black Bear Crushes Two Decorative Reindeer, Carries One Away

Bear decorations

I’m really starting to think that animals aren’t fans of Christmas…

While most people love to see decorations and lights on houses this time of year, it’s becoming quite evident that wildlife is less than impressed.

We’ve seen both bear and deer take out their holiday frustrations on inflatable Rudolphs and now another video is coming out showing a black bear attacking some decorative reindeer in a Florida front yard.

Security cameras at the home of EJ Levin in Longwood, Florida captured the moment a black bear started checking out the wire, lighted reindeer in his front yard. At first it appears the bear was just curious, but as bears tend to do, its instinct took over and next thing you know the once cheery Christmas scene turned into a mauling.

The bear first shoved a decorative buck to the ground and tried to get at the neck in hopes of scoring a meal. After much pawing and even standing on it, the bear realized there’s no meat to be had and turned its sights on the fawn standing next to it.

Again, it pushed the deer to the ground and tried to figure out exactly what’s going on, but again comes up with nothing. Instead of moving on, though, it decided to take this decoration back to its den for closer inspection and drags it away across the street.

Man, the bears kids are sure going to be disappointed when he shows up with nothing but wires and glass bulbs instead of a venison backstrap…

There’s not much you can do to prevent this, but all those with reindeer decorations in their front yard may want to put up a camera just in case this happens.

It’s always nice to get some Christmas visitors, but it’s even better when they happen to be black bears.

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